Sunday, December 7, 2008

Monday Magnitude--Memories

This might seem like a strange Magnitude but it occurred to me that as we grow older the first thing people say they miss is some of their memory. What I have found, as have many of you, we do not have to become "older" to miss some of the memories we once had front and center of the brain.

Recently I was working with a group, and as is my custom, I use myself as an example whenever possible. It let's people know that even though we make it through some tough situations, we are all imperfect but can change.

Then I started writing some of my experiences out. The more I wrote, the more my memories and dreams started to recall really old stories. Laughing to myself, I realized that I may not be "old" but I have probably forgotten more teaching stories than I remember.

Today I choose to magnify memories. They are awesome and wonderful events in life. Many of them we can laugh at now, but at the time wept through, didn't think we would surive, yet somehow did. And then there are those little moments of childish play.

If you haven't started, keep your magnitude of memories alive--start a journal or scrapbook. The more you enter, the more floods to the top of consciousness.

Have a great journey into the corners of your mind (SOMF= smile on my face)

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