Monday, December 1, 2008

Monday Magnitude--Family and Friends

It is truly beginning to feel like winter in North America and people are bustling about in the holiday season. Perhaps not with the same anticipation as in years past, but I am reminded of some times that life wasn't what we wanted it to be, but we survived just the same. Today's Magnitude is about family and friends.

Holidays come and go. The excitement of Christmas and New Year Celebrations often correspond to months of preparations. I wonder what life would be like if each of us put that much effort into daily experiences.

What would life around you be like if friends, family, co-workers and just people on the street actually took the time and preparation to make today a celebration? Well, I can make a start. I can make a difference in my attitude, my environment to some extent, and certainly in how I speak and act with people.

Today I choose to Magnify my exuberance with family and friends because they do make a difference in my life. I love and appreciate each one, even my cyber friends! You make a real difference in my life. To some, we have become phone buddies and that makes the experience even more rich.

Today, magnify your friends, family members, and then reach out beyond--let's magnify life through love.


Naye said...

I really needed this article this morning. I was dreading today and its many demands. Now, I will embrace this day and make the choice to celebrate it!
love and a hug,

Susan said...

I think we all need to remember this.It's not all about us and the more we give to others the richer our lives become.
big hugs,