Sunday, October 12, 2008

Monday Magnitude--Saying Thanks

On this particular Monday I choose to expand my thoughts and appreciation
to the men and women around the world,
in all cultures who wear fatigues, and serve their countries;
defending their values.

The Bible teaches that the devil comes
to kill, to rob, and to destroy
As and we begin a new wave of military expansion
which is evident in leadership around the world
different values, different agenda
wanting to confront others quickly

I choose this Monday to Magnitude Trust in God,
To Magnitude love for life
and to let others know how much I love and appreciate them
just for being who they are

Join me this week in writing a letter of thanks
to soldiers, if you need help finding somebody just let me know
Go to a nursing facility and give somebody that is all alone a hug
Visit with family that you haven't seen or spoken to in a while
Spend a few hours and give a high five on all those 'ning" groups
that you call friends LOL

Make this Monday Magnitude really outstanding in somebody's life

No matter what your country, send a letter or two to
a military person this week
Encourage them by saying Thanks!

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