Sunday, October 26, 2008

Monday Magnitude--Expand Your Creativity

This is the week that I start to prepare myself for the 30-days of November writer my fingers and mind into a state of frenzy event. This year I decided to do an expanded version by joining both the and events. The first is writing a novel start to finish during the month of November, and the second is 30-days of blogging.

If it sounds a bit hectic it is, but for me it is a great way to get thoughts together, increase writing productivity, and really get the mind moving. It also puts a lot of other things on the back burner.

This week I choose my Magnitude, that thing that I want to expand and hope you will join me in the challenge this week--Let's Magnitude our creativity, our positive thoughts and energy towards a goal of your choice. Plan to be in a better place of thought, learning, or whatever in a week's time.

I would love to have you leave a comment on what you plan to do. If you like to write, come join the thousands that have already signed up at the above links and write away with us. For my 30-days of blogging you will find it a which you are daily invited to read. Its a bit about all the aspects of what makes me--me in relationship to the world and each other.

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