Friday, August 1, 2008

Monday Magnitudes Information Page--Join and Have FUN

Monday Magnitudes Information Page

Monday Magnitudes started in July 2008, by me! The response has been overwhelming—or as we would say—surprising magnitude. Thanks to everybody for the encouragement and reader/blogger participation
What is magnitude? According to Webster's Dictionary is it greatness in size
or extent. It also refers to intensity i.e. of an earthquake. Words can produce the same affect (emotion).

A new theme will be posted every Sunday. Simply write your blog on the theme; copy and paste the code so the button shows at the top of your post and it will automatically take your readers back to the original Monday Magnitudes.

We can grow a huge network of positive statements that go out on the Internet—the airways, weekly. This meme grew from a weekly column I write and group on Take Root and Write called Differences Encouraged. YOU and I can make a difference in the world.

Scripture reference or other positive statements encouraged. Post your Monday Magnitude on Sunday evening so that everybody all your readers can see it first thing on Monday. Let's start the week out with our best words forward.

How to play Monday Magnitudes

Simple. You just play by posting a blog of the weekly theme on YOUR site (blog) - that’s it. Keep in mind, more will find you if you comment on my weekly Monday Magnitude posted on the main page. In the comments you leave on my page, you can put a link back to your page so others will visit you.

How will you know who is playing? Tip: For the title of your post use “Monday Magnitudes Theme” or something similar to help others know what is intended for the Monday Magnitudes, with the date, add Monday Magnitude to your tags. View my comments each week, comment when you play so others can find you or surf Monday Magnitudes.

To play you must display the Monday Magnitudes Button on Your MM post. You can grab the
code below. If you really want to support and have an outside blog, post the MM button on the sidebar of your blog. You just use the same code! Grab the WHOLE code below...

<a href=""target="_blank"><img src=""/></a>

Support us! It will allow others to find us and join!

Have fun!

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