Sunday, July 27, 2008

Laughing--Exhale In Joy

We often step over the small things in life to become overcome by the crisis of the day. I have decided that isn't going to be my style any longer. God said, that we have what we say we have and I for one want what He has for me.

Laughing--Exhale in Joy! Wow ... feels better already

Walking past a day care center located in a senior's center yesterday, I ws pleasantly embraced by the many sounds of children. Two little munchkins were riding a greenish gold dinosur. As they bumped up and down on this object of delight, the squeals got louder and louder. Have you ever just started to laugh and had it turn into a belly gusher? You just can't hold it n any longer. It starts out small, trying ever so politely to hold it in--then something just overtakes you and ... swoosh ... its out and your whole body is released from tension.

The worries, fears, and stress that had you trapped inside your tense body in one moment of expression from the heart melted away. You find yourself actually smiling. Think upon the good things of life, do what is necessary in the day-to-day and remember.

Ecclesiastes 5:20
"He seldom reflects on the days of his life, because God keeps him occupied with gladness of heart."

Make today a magnitude of joy and laughter ... magnitude (large, extreme, great)

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