Sunday, August 17, 2008

Aug 18th Loving You

I love the little choruses we learned as children about love, being happy, doing good, and especially appreciating all people.

For the past few days I have been singing Jesus Loves the Little Children, All the children of the world. Yellow, Red, Black or White ... all are precious in His sight. Jesus loves all the children of the world.

My Monday Magnitude is to love the people of the world. I don't have to agree with everything they say or do, but I am commanded to "love my neighbor as myself." It is impossible to hate them and love me. It is impossible to have a Christ-like love for all of God's creation and has a dis-ease with others.

We don't have to agree on everything, and we have the right to peacefully disagree, but how can we, of any culture, hate another simply for being?

The difference is Jesus and His love for me, is duplicated and multiplied in my affection for His creation ... My Monday Magnitude ... Jesus loves you and so do I.

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